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    Hey Gaming Heroes! Here’s a little theory/opportunity you might be interested in:
    Next patch (10.1.7) is coming in September, and with that, a new world event called dreamsurges.
    Every week one zone of the Dragon Isles will be affected by a Dreamsurge, and players in that zone will get 25% more experience (this might get nerfed in the future though).
    At the moment the best spot to boost people through leveling is in the Azure Span, so, when the dreamsurge occurs in the Azure Span boosting will be 25% faster which is huge!
    This potentially means two things:
    1. You should save your gold now so that you can boost your character on that week and save even more time.
    2. It could also be a great time to boost people as the demand will be quite high.
    Again the patch isn’t here yet so this might be nerfed.

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