Farm: Sealed Tome of Lost Legion

What’s up Gaming Heroes! Today we are farming the Sealed Tome of Lost Legion! This farm will get you the Sealed Tome of Lost Legion, which is currently in high demand. To farm this Tome, head to Isle of Thunder and slay all Rare Elites. Their locations is marked on the map below.

It’s suggested to do this on a Warlock, because Sealed Tome of Lost Legion will only drop for Warlocks, but by killing all the other Rares on the island. The Sealed Tome can drop off every rare so if they’re feeling extra lucky they can keep farming it. Keep in mind that you can only have one in bags so mail it to an alt if it drops or summon your guild bank and put it in there.

Profitability of this Farm

Item Price
Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion

How to get the Sealed Tome of Lost Legion

You can kill all of the other rares on the map for a chance of the Sealed Tome of Lost Legion on a Warlock alt. Please bare in mind this only drops for warlocks and bare in mind if you get one, mail it to an alt or put it in a guild bank as you can only gold onto one at a time.

Slay All Rare Elites

Addon Helper – TomTom

Using TomTom you can easily farm these items by simply copying these /waypoints and pasting them into your chat.

Just ensure you’ve downloaded the TomTom addon.

/way 50.0, 91.6 Haywire
/way 35, 63 Mumta
/way 37.6, 83.0 Ku'lai
/way 51, 71 Progenitus
/way 53.7, 53.1 Goda
/way 44.6, 29.6 Al'tabim
/way 38.2, 28.6 Backbreaker Uru
/way 61.6, 49.8 God-Hulk Ramuk
/way 54.4, 35.8 Lu-Ban
/way 59, 36 Molthor

How to get to Isle of Thunder

The fastest way to get to Isle of Thunder: You will need to fly to Vale of Eternal Blossoms – Mogu’shan Palace, when you enter speak to NPC: Lorewalker Han (Looking For Raid). Select the “Throne of Thunder” LFR raid option, then enter the raid, once you’ve been teleported to the raid instance, open up your toy collection and use one of the two toys depending on your faction: Kirin Tor Beacon (Alliance) or Sunreaver Beacon (Horde). This will teleport you to your faction specific base on the Isle of Thunder.

If you do not have the beacon toy yet then you will need to do your basic first basic quest to get to isle of thunder which begin at Townlong Steppes coordinates: 49,70. This quest is called: The Storm Gathers.

Good luck in your farming adventures, I hope you get as many pets as you want and need. I hope you enjoyed the guide!

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