About Us

The Gaming Hero team is made up of passionate high level gamers who pour their heart and soul into their guides. At the moment the team is made up of three gamers: Erosium, GetZapped and Revanthyr. Read below to learn more about the team.


Erosium is a Youtube Content Creator who has been playing World of Warcraft for 19 Years. He is both an expert in World of Warcraft and highly knowledgeable about other MMO Games online.

Erosium is best known for being a positive gamer who can always find the silver lining to any issue. Check out Erosium’s socials below.


Getzapped, or Zap, is a veteran World of Warcraft player of over 18 years. He has experience in a wide array of Gaming Genres beyond just MMO’s, and can often be found answering questions online.

Zap is at the helm for Leveling Guides, and General Information. He can also be seen in the Community Discord moderating member interactions and providing guidance to new players of World of Warcraft!


Revanthyr is a World of Warcraft and Star Wars fan. He is eager to learn and to help fellow gamers, farm mounts and make gold!

Revanthyr has the ability to understand complicated farming strategies and break it down easily for others to understand. He leads the mount farming side of GamingHero.io.

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    WoW Glowspore Farming

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