Help Centre


How do I reset my password?
You can change your password in your account section and in case you can’t log in because your lost your password use this link.

How do I get my Member role?
Click this link to connect your discord up and get the role. If you are a current member you will get the Member Hero role in discord.

Where can I get direct help with an issue?
You can get help with any issue related to over in the community discord, join our discord at Discord/GamingHero and use the #help section to receive help from one of our wonderful discord @Hero-Guides moderators.

Trouble Becoming a Member?
If you have trouble signing up as a member please contact or use the #help discord channel.

Missing Email?
It happens in some cases that an email does not show up in your regular inbox. Please make sure to check also your spam folder, it might show up there.

Not Got the Solution?