Isle of Thunder Transmog Farm

What’s up Gaming Heroes. Isle of Thunder has always been incredible for various different farms such as pets, warlock tomes and lastly transmogs. This is a personal favourite to the Gaming Hero gold makers: Let’s dive right in!

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Gold Per Hour Test

This gold per hour is worked out based on farming this farm for one hour and adding all of the various items together to get a total LIVE value. This data is directly from the Blizzard severs and is accurate.

GPH is LIVE prices and will constantly update!

Isle of Thunder Transmog Route

Go to this location and then begin this Isle of Thunder Route to farm Transmog. Slay all mobs!

Transmog Sets

There are a lot of transmogs you can get from this farm including three sets and a lot of weapons! See some of the transmogs below!

How to get to Isle of Thunder

The fastest way to get to Isle of Thunder: You will need to fly to Vale of Eternal Blossoms – Mogu’shan Palace, when you enter speak to NPC: Lorewalker Han (Looking For Raid). Select the “Throne of Thunder” LFR raid option, then enter the raid, once you’ve been teleported to the raid instance, open up your toy collection and use one of the two toys depending on your faction: Kirin Tor Beacon (Alliance) or Sunreaver Beacon (Horde). This will teleport you to your faction specific base on the Isle of Thunder.

If you do not have the beacon toy yet then you will need to do your basic first basic quest to get to isle of thunder which begin at Townlong Steppes coordinates: 49,70. This quest is called: The Storm Gathers.

There are also a few other transmogs you can get from this farm which are stand alone transmogs such as random chest pieces, weapons and such.

Closing Thoughts

Isle of Thunder is one of the best transmog farms in the game and has always been especially good! This is one of those farms you should do every few months to replenish your stock.

Good luck and hope you make loads of gold!

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