How to Unlock Old Naxxramas

How to unlock Old Naxxramas

Welcome to our step by step guide on how to unlock old Naxxramas!

Step 1: Unlocking Old Scholomance

You’ll need to unlock Old Scholomance before you can get the Old Naxxramas. Follow the steps in our guide on how to unlock Old Scholomance.

Step 2: A Trip to the Auction House

Before you start, purchase the following items (make sure to loot them from the mailbox):

Step 3: Entering Scholomance

Go to Scholomance in Eastern Plaguelands and enter the Old Scholomance (go to the right before the dungeon entrance and click the book). This requires you to have Old Scholomance unlocked.

Now make your way downstairs, in the room with all the bones and skeletons.

As soon as you enter the room, go to the pile of bones on the left. You’ll find the Cracked Argent Dawn Commission on the pile of bones.

Now right click the item in your bags to obtain the Argent Dawn Commission (you’ll need the materials you purchased earlier).

Now kill Rattlegore in the middle of the room, he’ll drop the Viewing Room Key. Then head back upstairs and follow this path which will lead you to the Headmaster’s Study.

You’re almost done with Scholomance! You’ll see that there are three rooms in the upper level and three more in the lower level. Clear all the mobs in these rooms and the final boss will spawn.

IMPORTANT: make sure to equip the Argent Dawn Commission Trinket before killing the final boss. After killing the boss, you’ll get the Darkmaster’s Scourgestone.

Step 4: Exploring Stratholme

Now that you have the Darkmaster’s Scourgestone, go turn in the quest at Duke Nicholas Zverenhoff in Light’s Hope Chapel. He is on the right side, in front of a tent.

Now head over to Stratholme which is the dungeon at the top of Eastern Plaguelands.

Before doing anything else, make sure you still have the Argent Dawn Commission trinket equipped.

Enter the dungeon and kill mobs until you get the chat message “The living are here!”. This means that an Eye of Naxxramas has spawned not too far away. Kill it and it will drop a Ward of Naxxramas.
Now that you’ve got a Ward of Naxxramas, find a supply crate nearby to get some Stratholme Holy Water. Try to get some extra ones for later.

Note: after this next step, you’ll have to run pretty fast as there will be a timer, so make sure to read ahead before doing this next step!

Make your way to this spot in Crusader’s Square (you don’t need to kill any bosses). Now use the Ward of Naxxramas, and a portal will spawn in front of you. Use the Holy Water on it.

If you are stuck at any point or something bugs out, go out of the dungeon, reset it, and repeat the steps.

You should now have a debuff called Sleight of Hand which lasts for 5 minutes. You need to make your way to Lord Aurius Rivendare before the debuff expires.

First, follow this path to get to the other part of the Stratholme dungeon:

In this next part, you’ll need to kill all three bosses that are in front of the zigguraths (the pyramids full of slime). That’s the three first bosses. Make sure to also kill the fourth boss, Magistrate Barthilas

Make sure to clear the mobs that are in the zigguraths aswell, or the door to the final boss won’t open.

Finally, make your way to the final two bosses. Kill the abominations, kill the second to last boss, kill all the adds that spawn out of the building, kill the four knights, and then kill the final boss.

It’s not over yet! Make your way to the blue circle on the picture above once you’ve killed the final boss. Here you’ll be able to use an extra action button and you are now done with this part of the unlock!

If you did everything correctly, you should get the chat message: “As the Hand of Naxxramas burns into a pile of ash, it is clear that recent events have escalated such that someone should be made aware of them.

Step 5: Final Steps

Find Archmage Angela Dosantos. Depending on how many quests you’ve done in the zone, she can be at either of these two locations (right next to the main building in Light’s Hope Chapel or at the entrance of the Scarlet Enclave).

After talking to her, she’ll give you the quest The Dread Citadel – Naxxramas. For this quest you’ll need the materials that are listed at the beginning of this guide, but you will also need Honored reputation with the Argent Dawn.

Getting Argent Dawn Reputation

This is incredibly easy and should take you only about 20 minutes! Simply accept the quests from Fiona (see picture) and keep completing quests until you reach Argent Call: The Trial of the Crypt in Light’s Hope Chapel. This quest will get you to Revered.

Note: you only need to complete quests that you get from Fiona and members of the caravan, all other quests are useless.

Turn in the quest at Archmage Angela Dosantos, and you’ll get the Wards of the Dread Citadel achievement. Congratulations, you’ve now unlocked the old Naxxramas!

You can now find a portal to the Old Naxxramas in Eastern Plaguelands.

Thank you for reading this guide, and if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the Gaming Hero discord!

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