Nightbane Guide!

One Night In Karazhan

What’s up Gaming Heroes! Karazhan. The seat of power for the Last Guardian of Tirisfal. The home to celebrations and atrocities alike. What secrets might be hidden in this raid turned Mega-Dungeon? Let us plan a trip. We are spending One Night in Karazhan.

Before we get started

Before we begin our excursion into the Legion version of Karazhan, I must make some suggestions. Adventurers seeking to summon and conquer Nightbane should be prepared for for a battle. The undead remnants and echoes of Karazhans last party will bar your path.

We must recommend that you attempt this feat at level 60. This will almost guarantee that you will be of a sufficient power level to beat the time trials contained in Karazhan by yourself.

Where is Karazhan?

Our Broker allies have granted us access to portals to important locations in Azeroth! For quick access to Karazhan, visit the Broker to the right of the main flight point in Oribos, and use the center portal.

Once we enter

As soon as we enter the decrepit tower from its side entrance, our count down begins. The first 10 minute timer begins, and we must make our way to the Opera. Make a right and then head North through the balcony, until you come across a stairway headed down.

The descent begins

Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs, we continue Southward. You should come across a small door that leads you down to the main stage.

The Show Must Go On!

Participate in the Opera Event. This event rotates weekly, so you’ll never know what you are doing until you are there! Have fun reliving your High School Drama classes and work quickly. We are almost to our first check point!

Work your way through the Back Stage, and come back up into the main seating area.

Crystalized Memory

The first piece to unraveling the dark history of Karazhan lies within this crystal. A lingering physical manifestation of Medivhs Power. What regret is tethering it here? Found in the main seating area of the Opera Hall. Interact with the crystal, and then head east.

Memories of the Guest Chamber

It is time for us to head into the Guest Chambers. Head East from the Opera Hall, and hang a left to travel through the northern corridor to access the Guest Chambers.

Advance further into the halls of controversy

If you ignore the fact that this hall does NOT contain bowls of fruit, you may begin to realize that some of these NPC’s are up to nefarious acts! Advance down the halls, and enter the last room on the left. You will find our 2nd crystalized memory here. Interact with the crystal, and then head back towards the Grand Ballroom.

A leap of faith, to uncover the past

Once you re-enter the main hall, it is time to take a leap of faith. Approach the balcony and leap off into the dining hall, overseen by Morose. Morose was the once proud steward of Medivh, seeking to do what he could to keep the young man happy.

Gluttony cannot repent for the past

Defeat Morose and his ghostly entourage. The 3rd crystal is hidden behind the table. Make sure to loot the Large Rusty Keys that are dropped to the floor by Morose, near where you slayed him.

Into the Larder

After collecting the third memory, head south towards the Larder.

Another leap… what madness shall we find?

Head east, and fall off of the balcony. This will deposit you in the Servants Quarters.

Not a servant to be seen…

In the servants quarters, fight you way through untold numbers of spiders and beasts, to find the 4th crystal. Hidden away in the very back corner, guarded by Arcanids. Illuminated by a portal, existing only to send you back to the top of the spire… Why?

A memory of a memory

Interact with the crystal and then take the portal in the servants quarters back to the beginning of the dungeon. Where our journey began, but not where it ends.

We must go higher

We are not done. There is much left to learn, but where would a mage of great power hide his knowledge?

Questions… ever upward

Perhaps in a library, full of arcane and eldritch knowledge?

No… that wouldnt do…

There is no way that a mage of Medivh’s stature would leave his knowledge unprotected in a book… there must be something more. Something capable!

The menagerie… Home of the Curator!

The Curator! Where better to hide a crystal of pure knowledge, than inside of a construct of pure arcane power!

“Bring this monstrosity down!”

Defeat the Curator, and find the 5th and final crystal.

With the combined knowledge of ages, protected by some of Medivh’s most powerful or trusted servants. But there must be more! A call to the Master’s Terrace.. there must be more to the story!

Once more, with feeling!

Quickly, we must return to the beginning of the dungeon! The Master’s Terrace most hold the answer to what is causing Medivh’s Power to linger…

An Image or an Echo. Who is to know?

The master of this castle has made an appearance. Perhaps we can speak with him?

One Night in Karazhan

After having a chat with the Image of Medivh, you will earn a secret achievement. “One night in Karazhan”  Stick around after the RP to battle the secret boss Nightbane. The tortured remains of a Blue Dragon, bound to Karazhan forever, or until he is earned as a mount!

Rewards: An achievement, and a chance for the Smoldering Emberwyrm mount!

Thank you so much for reading this guide!

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