How to do BFA Intro: Tides of War Horde

What’s up Gaming Heroes! This guide is going to be an In-Depth breakdown of the BFA ( Battle for Azeroth ) intro and how to complete it!

What do we need!

In this guide we are going to have an In-Depth look on how to complete the BfA ( Battle for Azeroth ) introduction which is also tied to an Achievement “Come Sail Away”.

For this we need at least a level 10 Alliance character.

Fun fact: The Kul Tirans find that piracy is one of the worst crimes. Pirates will be served justice by the executioner!

How do I begin my journey?

 We got you covered gaming hero!

To start our epic journey we need to pick up the quest “Tides of War”. This quest will be given by the Hero’s Herald in Orgrimmar so we can start our journey to Kul Tiras. The Herald can be found next to the Warchief’s Command board which are located in the Valley of Strength and the Valley of Honor. These can be found at both Locations marked with red circles in the picture below.

A great plan!

It couldn’t be any simpler as to walk into Grommash Hold which is the building we are standing right infront of an we are presented with a short cutscene. We pick up the quest “The Stormwind Extraction” and pick up “Blightcaller’s Easy Death” the drink to go.

After the cutscene we head over to the guest house “The Broken Tusk” with Nathanos Blightcaller where we can turn in the quest “Battle for Azeroth: Mission Statement” but no time for drinks! We take one to go but this is a different type of drink!

We pick up the quest “The Stormwind Extraction” and pick up “Blightcaller’s Easy Death” the drink to go before we to fly on eagles over to Storm Wind.

Sneaking in

Upon our arrival in Stormwind there is a trapdoor and all we need to do here is use our 007 skills and get rid of these locks. Hop inside to find ourselves in the smelly stockades.

We fight our way through some 7th Legion Sharpshooters and Enforcers until we get to a gate where Rokhan is already waiting for us to leave us the pleasure of freeing High Overlord Saurfang where he has been kept for sometime already. But he knows we aren’t there for him! Head over to the other end of the hallway and let’s free our new friends Rokhan and Princess Talanji

And Sneaking out!

Like a ninja… errrm…. rogue we now have to sneak out of Stormwind City but with great care! Not a problem though with Rokhan’s buff “Blind Eye” we can easily sneak past everything that is in our way on the lookout for us! Simply speak to Rokhan then “let’s go”. But be aware! We must stick to Rokhans buff otherwise the guards will see us.

On the run!!

Fighting our way through multiple mob packs and smashing them Alliance out the way we approach the Harbor where Jaina tries to give us a hard time but as we Horde are, we hae no fear! We smash that wall down and run straight to the Harbor where we finally escape Stormwind.

Out of danger!

Upon our arrival in Zandalar we now get to turn in the quest “The Stormwind Extraction” and pick up the quest “Welcome to Zuldazar”, follow Princess Talanji up to General Jakra’zet and turn in the quest we have just picked up just to be called Horde scum and as scummy as we are we pick up the quest “Rastakhan”.

Nearly there…

To turn in this quest all we do is mount up on the Enforcer’s Pterrordax that is right behind General Jakra’zet and let it fly us over to “The Golden Throne” where we meet up on Princess again.  Simply speak to the Princess and let her know that we are ready to speak to the King. Quickly going up the stairs we speak to the King at the top and turn in the quest “Rastakhan” and are now presented with the quest “Speaker of the Horde”. To turn this quest in all we have to do is follow Zolani down the stairs, use the lift go go all the way down and rush out the front to use the flag infront of us.

…just a bit more!

After clicking using the flag to call the Horde we turn around back into the pyramid, follow Princess Talanji, check the rooms left and right, go up to Princess Tanji where we can finally turn in the quest “Speaker of the Horde”. We can now give ourselves the pat on the back as we have completed the BfA intro and now have the Achievement “Welcome to Zandalar”!

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