Hey Gaming Heroes! In this guide we’ll go over how you can level a remix character in ~3hours!

This strategy is meant to level alt characters. If you do not already have a level 70 remix character with the Infinite Power XII achievement. Having this means your alts will get a massive xp boost when leveling.

How it Works

  • Create new character and complete first few quests to get cloak and ported to Pandaria.
  • When you hand your intro quest in here, you will get access to LFG.
  • Sign-up and complete HEROIC random groups: DO NOT LOOT BOSSES BONUS EXP.
  • All unlooted bonus exp from bosses will be auto-mailed to your character, save it for later.
  • Complete Heroic Dungeons until level 40.
  • At level 40 press “i” then search for Pandaria raid groups, complete: Heart of Fear, Terrace of Endless Springs and Mogushan Vaults on NORMAL difficulty.
  • This time, loot the bosses but only the Experience Enhancer (+12% experience to cloak each boss). Total from all three raids should get you to around +340% experience.
  • Once you’ve completed all three raids: Go to a mailbox and open all mail. TIP: Open Character panel because its fun to watch your character get 30 levels in 30 seconds.

The Leveling Strat

First off, make a new character, get all your action bars etc setup, and lastly, turn off auto loot. You’ll understand why in just a second.

Do the intro quests until you can join LFG Heroic dungeons:

Now keep doing quests but STOP handing them in – we’ll hand everything in later.

While you are doing these quests, sign-up for heroic dungeons non-stop. Do NOT loot the bonus experience from the bosses, this is why I advised turning off auto-loot. Just like the quests, we’re gonna get all the bonus experience later (it gets mailed to you).

Keep doing this until you reach level 40, and at that point go do all 3 raids on Normal difficulty (sign-up in Premade Groups, not LFR).

Sign up in the morning if possible for getting into groups easier.

Do all 3 raids on Normal or higher to get your xp buff to 340%. At 340% buff and level 40, you can open the mailbox to loot all your bonus experience, and turn in all the quests. You only need to do each raid once on Normal difficulty.

Congratulations, you’ve just gained 30 levels in less time than it takes to say “Pandaria Remix” 🙂

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