How to Unlock Naxxramas Crafting

Hey Gaming Heroes, in this guide we’ll go over how you can unlock crafting in Old Naxxramas!

  1. Step 1: Prerequisites
  2. Step 2: Crafting a Makeshift Grappling Hook
  3. Finding Zackett Skullmash
  4. What Zackett Sells

Step 1: Prerequisites

Here’s a list of things you need to get before you start your unlock. You will need all of these items at some point, so I would recommend you farm them right away.

Step 2: Crafting a Makeshift Grappling Hook

How to get to Naxxramas

You have two ways to get to Naxxramas:

You can find a portal to Naxxramas in Eastern Plaguelands if you’ve followed our guide on unlocking old Naxxramas.You can also use the teleport from your main city to Northrend Dalaran and fly down to Naxxramas in Dragonblight.

Make sure to loot all the bosses you kill in Naxxramas to get some Corruptor’s Scourgestones, you will need those later.

Now that you’re in Naxxramas, head over to the Arachnid Quarter and follow this route to kill Grand Widow Faerlina to get Faerlina’s Sewing Kit.

Go back to the entrance of the Arachnid Quarter and fish in the pool of slime. After a few casts you should get the Abomination’s Chain.

Now go to the Construct Quarter and find the Construct’s Hook in the right side of the first room.

Now right click one of the items in your bags and you’ll get a Makeshift Grappling Hook. Right click the item in your bags, and you can now use hooks in Naxxramas, which will be useful for the next step. This is an account-wide effect.

Finding Zackett Skullmash

Now that you’ve unlocked hooks, make your way to the end of the Construct Quarter. The path on the picture looks complicated but it is actually very linear, you have to kill each boss (Patchwerk, Grobbulus and Gluth) in order to reach Thaddius‘s room.

Now you’ll have to jump from hook to hook in a specific order, so here is a video of me doing it and some pictures to help you, choose whichever you prefer!


When you enter Thaddius’s room, you can find a ramp on the left. Go up the ramp and you’ll find a hook if you look above on the wall.

You’ll see the next hook if you turn around.

Now look to the right to find the next hook. In this picture the blue hook is the one you just used.

Now turn around and aim your camera up.

Move along the wall until you have to turn left. At that point turn around and you’ll find a hook on the other wall. You might have to go to the edge to make it work.

Find the next hook on the wall in front of you.

Jump over to Zackett, and wake him up using a Stratholme Holy Water!

Talk to Zackett and accept the quest “Inconvenience Fee“. You can get the mats from the auction house, the Invader’s Scourgestone from bosses in old Scholomance or Stratholme and the Corruptor’s Scourgestones from bosses in Naxxramas.

After you turn in the quest, Zackett will appear at the center of Naxxramas for all your characters!

What Zackett Sells

Zackett will sell you a bunch of different items, so let’s go over everything he sells!

First off, it’s worth mentioning that he gives you repeatable quests to trade Scourgestones (obtained from raid and dungeon bosses) for Death’s Bargaining Chips.

ItemWhat it does
Dented Raider EquipmentWhen used, these items will give you a random piece of gear from Classic. They have a small chance of giving you the “Lamented” piece, for example Lamented Crusader’s Helmet. These are used by crafters to get the Naxxramas Transmog.
PhylacterweaveUsed by crafters to get the Naxxramas Transmog.
Slime-Covered ScrollGives you a random Naxxramas recipe. Keep in mind you’ll need to have 300 points in a Classic profession to make use of it!
Plagued GrainJust a Toy, it’s pretty cool though!
Rotten DeliciousUsed to get Reins of Valiance. We’re working on a guide on how to get this awesome mount!
4 other PatternsThose patterns teach you how to craft materials that are then used to craft Naxxramas Transmog. You can not buy them until you’ve completed one Naxxramas set, which means you’ll have to use the Work Order system to get the materials the first time around.

Thank you for reading this guide, if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the Gaming Hero Discord!

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