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Sometimes you can get bored in WoW even if you’re the biggest fan of the game, it’s times like this there’s nothing better to do than to get fishing! But why just fish any old pool? Why not fish for those super mega rare mounts. This guide covers all the mounts you can get from Fishing in World of Warcraft. Our info was verified and supported by the WoW Blog:

WoW Great Sea Ray Mount

Get the Great Sea Ray Mount in WoW by fishing in any open water in BFA (Battle for Azeroth expansion) around Kul Tiras or Zandalar.

WoW Pond Nettle Mount

To get the Pond Nettle Mount in WoW you will need to Unlock Argus. When you’ve unlocked Argus then go to Antorus Wastes, fish in the pool at Hope’s Landing until you get the Pond Nettle Mount drop.

WoW Sea Turtle Mount

To get the Sea Turtle Mount and the Riding Turtle in WoW you need to build your Warlords of Draenor Garrison level 3 and then build your fishing shack level 3. When you’ve done that start fishing outside your fishing shack. Fish for Lunarfall Carp or Frostdeep Minnow. When you loot these fish you will then need to right click the fish which will then spawn a Cave Dweller. Slay that cave dweller for a chance to drop Sea Turtle Mount and the Riding Turtle.

WoW Reins of the Azure Water Strider Mount

Get the Reins of the Azure Water Strider Mount in WoW is super easy! You’ll need to be Exalted with Angler’s Wharf. Farm timewalking dungeons for timewarp badges. You will need to have a total of 5250 x Timewarped Badges to get this rep easily. Buy a total of 105 x Commendation of The Anglers which costs 50 x Timewarped Badge each.

WoW Reins of the Crimson Water Strider Mount

To get the Reins of the Crimson Water Strider Mount in WoW: Get Garrison level 3, build a fishing shack level 3, complete quests to unlock Nat Pagle as a follower. Use Architect table to put Nat Pagle as a follower in your fishing shack. Head over to your fishing Shack. Fish 100 Lunkers from Draenorian schools, turning them in for Lucky Coins, and then exchanging A HUNDRED of those for a Crimson Strider!

WoW Deepstar Aurelid Mount

To get the WoW Deepstar Aurelid Mount in WoW: Deepstar aurelid: drops from hirukon at a 100% rate. Fishers fish up an item called strange goop from a pond in zereth mortis, then they’ll go to Lady Vasj in Maldraxxus with it and she will instruct them to craft a bait to summon Hirukon.

WoW Darkwater Skate Mount

To get the Darkwater Skate Mount in WoW you’ll need to head to the Darkmoon faire: This fair spawns on the first weekend of every month. Fish or buy 500 Darkmoon Daggermaw and trade for the mount from Galissa Sundew on the docs of Darkmoonfaire. Easy Peasy Mount!

WoW Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder Mount

Get the Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder Mount in WoW: Go to Legion Dalaran. Go to Margoss. Fish Drowned Mana from the pool next to him. Fish up 100 Drowned Mana and then trade these with Conjurer Margoss. You will then get this awesome mount!

Conclusion – Fishing Mounts in WoW

Thanks to for collaborating on this guide, we hope it helped you collect all of your awesome Mounts in World of Warcraft fishing!

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