DAILY Toy Farm – Big Red Raygun

Hey Gaming Heroes! Looking for another daily toy farm to complete your auction house stock? You’ve come to the right place!

Item Price (EU)
Big Red Raygun

Head over to Dustshallow Marsh in Kalimdor. You can get there by using the portal to Caverns of Time from Orgrimmar or Stormwind and then flying there.

Now head over to Alcaz Island:

Once you get there you will not be able to use a flying mount. Make your way to the big camp with all the robots and enter the center building.

In there you’ll find Doctor Weavil upstairs. He respawns around every 10 minutes and you can kill him for a chance at getting the Big Red Raygun which is a great toy to sell on the auction house. Note that this toy is quite rare so you’ll probably have to kill him a few times.

To summarize this, you can either park a character and login once a day for a chance at the toy, or just farm the NPC by camping it for longer periods of time and killing it as it spawns.

Remember that you can sell items on multiple realms using cross-server trading, this is especially useful if you get this item multiple times!

If you enjoy this kind of farm, make sure to check out this article, which contains some of the best items to farm on a daily basis for some consistent gold.

Thank you for reading this guide!

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