Gold Farm Dragon Races

What’s up Gaming Heroes! The wheels of gold farming never stop turning, and I never sleep! Put those together and i’m finding new ways to help you make the most gold with the least effort as I can. To that end, let me introduce you to Dragon Racing World Quests! Using these 30-50 second world quests can net you roughly 2k gold per character every few days!

What are the Dragon Racing World Quests?

The Dragonrider Racing WQ’s are unlocked once ANY character on your account reaches rank 7 with the Valdrakken Accord. The unlock for these WQ’s are account wide, so you only have to do the rep grind once. (Once you finish the main Campaign, you should be rank 4-5 already. I suggest doing some of the side quests in Valdrakken to get the rest of the way to 7. This can be done in under a day if you are vigilant.)

How do they work?

These World Quest center around completing one of the Time Trial races that can be found on your map in each zone. They are very fast by design. You drop off a ledge and take off! Fly through the rings in order and get to the end to complete the WQ. Currently, time is not a factor for completion.

Your Reward!

Upon opening the Dragonriders Purse reward, you are given a lump sum of gold! This brand new to the island, level 60 druid got 500 gold for 57 seconds of work! That’s after I messed up the race path!

Tips to make it even easier-

The biggest tip I can give is to make sure your Dragonriding is maxed out. The points you get for your Dragon Riding talents are account wide, so once you max out the track all future characters can hit the skies at max speed! Collect all the Glyphs around the isles once on your main, and make your life so much easier on your alts!

Hope this helps!

There is more to come down the line, this was just the first consistent fast and free gold I’ve found that most people will have access to within a day or 2 of hitting 70! Happy flying Gaming Heroes and stay tuned for more to come!

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