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What’s up Gaming Heroes! There have been a TON of questions in our community about ways to make the most gold, and most of the time the conversation circles back to “Have you tried a different server?”. What’s the first thing you think when you hear that? That you have to start all over on a new server, rebuild stock, rebuild gold? Well, that’s not entirely true!

Keep reading and I will explain some of the Best Practices for Multi-Realm sales, and ways that YOU can utilize the vast number of servers in WoW to your advantage!

Battle Pets – The Easiest Cross Realm Gold

Something that I feel is often overlooked especially when discussing gold, are Battle Pets. Battle Pets are unique in the fact that they are the only things that can be moved cross-realm with a single account easily. Any character on your account can open your Pet Journal and cage a pet.

What does this mean? It means you can take pets from a server where they arent worth much or there are tons, and sell them on a server with a less competitive. All of this, by just pressing Shift + P, and then right clicking the pet you want to cage on a new server. It’s that easy.

For a few GREAT Battle Pet examples, consider checking out our Members Only Pet guides:

What About Everything Else?

You may be one of the many players that has had the unfortunate experience of building up a ton of Stock, and its just… not selling. Well, cross realm trading of BoE’s and gold is now a thing, which gives you a few options of how you can unload products such as excess Mounts and Transmog.

How to do this:

There are 2 primary ways of doing this without spending money/balance on server transferring toons.

First: Have 2 accounts. This is the simplest answer, if you have 2 accounts you can create a Bank toon on another server, group up, and then trade your goods across. Now, you have items on a brand new server!

Second: Have a friend help move items. If there is someone you can trust to hold items for you while you offload, you can go that route as well. However, this depends on you having either Trust in another person, or another person in general.

What Should I Consider Flipping Across Realms?


Mounts such as the Goldenmane’s Reins are a great item to flip across servers, and with the help of a friend or a 2nd account can easily be moved to a new realm. This could even net you close to a token worth of gold at the right times and right realms!

Here’s a link to our FREE Guide on farming Goldenmane’s Reins!:

Transmog + Island Expedition Items:

Your general Tmog drops can be hugely profitable on a server apart from the one you mainly farm on. It may be worthwhile to check Oribos.Exchange and see what the prospects of the items you pick up could be in a different location, but one subset of Tmog almost always fetch’s a huge profit – Island Expedition Transmogs!

Island Expedition Transmogs are items that you can get from the BFA Feature Island Expeditions and their assorted gacha bags you can buy with Dubloons! I strongly advise any Members to check out the TSM Strings for Island Expedtion tmogs Ero has created, it makes buying, searching for, and flipping these items so much easier!

Check it out Here!


Theres a ton of recipes that you can farm, but if you’re wanting to test the whole Cross Realm sales thing, there are also some you can buy from Vendors or the AH and then Resell somewhere else for a profit. This can be Alchemy Formulas, Black Smith plans, or anything else you can get your hands on. If it’s not taught by a trainer NPC, then chances are someone out there wants to buy it from you!

We also have TSM strings for this available to full Site Members! Check Here to see some of our Recipe Flipping Strings!

Why Should I Do This?

Why should you go through the trouble of posting auctions, moving auctions, or moving pets? Because you’ll be RICH!

There is so much untapped potential across the multitude of realms, and Blizzard has been making it easier and easier to get ready on new servers. But, if you don’t have time or you’re having doubts, why dont you take a look at our Gold Farmer’s Hit List? It has a ton of items that you can try to hunt and sell on a different server!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will my TSM Profiles work on all realms? Yes, your profile CAN work on all realms, but sometimes it gets a little funny. If it is not working correctly, you may need to re-import the new strings on a new character. Also, make sure to update your Server List in your TSM account on their website for more accurate price tracking.
  • Should I sell on High Pop or Low Pop Servers? I find that selling on Low to Mid Population servers tends to be best, but ultimately it comes down to what you’re selling and what the markets are like. No 2 servers are the same, and some servers are even linked in Battle-Groups so they share Auction House listings.
  • How can I tell what servers are connected? If you check out you can see a list of all the realms that are currently linked. You can search for your realm here, but its a lot of data to sift through. We will have a Premium Guide pertaining to cross realms and linked realms coming in the future, so keep an eye out for that!

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