Goldenmane Reins Farm

What’s up Gaming Heroes! So you want one of two things. Either you want BIG GOLD from this shiny mount or you want a really nice Mount for your collection! Great to hear, let’s get started.

Item Price
Goldenmane’s Reins

What: Goldenmane Reins

Where: “Mariner’s Strand” – Stormsong Valley – BFA.

Why: Mount can sell for an entire WOW Token, it’s easy to farm and is a beautiful horse mount.

How: By slaying mobs in Mariner’s Strand until the mount drops.

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What does Goldenmane Reins look like?

Goldenmane Reins is a lovely horse mount that gives off the impression of wealth and royalty. As a roleplayer this can give you “street cred” or it can be the ultimate flex to your friends.

I must say even though I have had this mount for years and sold many of them I still nod in appreciation when I see someone run by with this.


Goldenmane Reins can drop from any Brinebrawn or Shipright that is slain and looted in Stormsong Valley. As you can see displayed in this picture the best spot to farm this mount is Mariner’s Strand.

To get to Mariner’s Strand: Travel to Kul Tiras in Battle for Azeroth. Then either fly or run to  Stormsong Valley. When you arrive in Stormsong Valley, travel to Mariner’s Strand and begin slaying Humanoid Mobs. The mount is rare and the average mobs required to slay and loot are between 15,000 and 20,000. That being said you can get lucky and loot it after one… But don’t count on it.

Golden… TIPS!

Goldenmane Reins is a difficult mount to drop. It requires you slay a lot of mobs! To make this faster you need to make a group to help get more kills per hour.

The best method to do this is 2 groups of 4 players (this is the max you can have to stop you phasing to another shard of the same location) (Blizzard mechanics to stop lag).

Press i > Click Custom Groups > Click Create Group > Title it: Goldenmane Reins Farm.
Start farming and I promise you people will join you and you’ll get it much faster like this!


Download the addon: Rarity. This addon will display how many mobs you have slane to get this mount and will give you peace of mind you are slaying the correct mobs. Rarity has some unique collection features you can explore by clicking the rarity icon. Explore and set it up as you like. As you can see in the picture I have set mine up to display visually a bar which will show how many attempts I have had on that mount (on that character).

Okay But… GOLD?!

This mount sells for incredible gold and  I highly suggest that if you are farming this over and over, you sell one on the auction house. I sell these typically for around 300k – 400k depending on supply & demand. I originally sold one back in BFA for 104k due to it being in a high competition market. Realistically this mount goes for 300k – 500k depending on realm.

All thats left.

All you have to do now is go out there and start farming!

I hope that this guide has served you well, and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the Patron Section of the Discord!

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