Polished Pet Charm Gold Guide

Have you ever wanted to Catch – Em – All, or at least make a TON of gold easily? Let us tell you about Polished Pet Charms and how they can be turned almost directly into Gold!

What: Polished Pet Charms

Where: BFA and Shadowlands World Quests and Mission Tables.

Why: Being able to exchange the Charms for pets that are no longer common, or buying quality/level upgrades.

How: By leveling your Mission Tables and doing World Quests in BFA and Shadowlands content, you can acquire thousands of Polished Pet Charms almost entirely passively!

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What is a Polished Pet Charm?

Polished Pet Charms are a currency added in the Battle for Azeroth expansion. They are primarily used to buy Pet Battle related items, such as Pets, Level and Quality enhancers, and even toys!

Where can I get Polished Pet Charms?

Polished Pet Charms can be collected as rewards for winning PvP pet battles, doing Pet Battle World Quests, and the EASIEST way, from your Mission tables!

Both the BFA Mission Tables and the Shadowlands mission tables can reward them, and both are accessible via the Companion App on your phone!

Why should I consider farming these pet charms?

The Battle Pet market is ridiculously lucrative. Battle pets can be learned on one server, and caged on another. This allows for gaining large amounts of gold on other servers.

BFA released a TON of pets that are now considered rare or hidden. These pets are great for Pet Battlers and Collectors, and can be sold for a HUGE profit.

At the end of this Guide will be a break down of Where the BFA vendors are, and how many total charms you need to buy all of the rare pets.

How can I farm these easily?

If you are one of our Patrons that is taking advantage of Erosium’s Mission Table Speed Leveling Guide, then you probably have an Alt Army primed and ready to go!

The Mission tables in Shadowlands alone can reward up to 60 Polished Pet Charms a day on a maxed out table, per toon!

That is 600 a day if you have 10 toons! 

Editor’s note: There are also World Quests that can reward some charms here and there, but it is usually a better use of your time to just have an army of alts sending out Missions focused on pet charms!

Okay… but how does any of this make me gold?

Well, simply put; You will buy high value pets, and then either level them up with a Battle Stone, or sell them at level 1!

Many of the pets on the upcoming list are 100 tokens or less, meaning you can easily buy multiple to save and sell!

TSM PETS Groups / Operations (Double click green writing and copy into TSM) –  Import/Export:

 Abyssal EelAbyssal EelAlliance onlyMadeline Netley75
 Accursed HexxerAccursed HexxerShoakBlind Wunja500 An Ancient Curse
 Barnacled Hermit CrabBarnacled Hermit CrabJenohMadeline Netley50
 Bloodfeaster LarvaBloodfeaster LarvaShoakBlind Wunja200
 Bloody Rabbit FangFrenzied CottontailNigel RiftholdNigel Rifthold300Kill Cottontail Matron
 Butterfly in a JarBlue FlitterHappy HolauaMadeline Netley100
 Child of JaniChild of JaniHappy HolauaHappy Holaua100 Get Hek’d
 Cou’paCou’paCollector KojoCollector Kojo200Tortollan Seekers Revered
 Crimson FrogCrimson FrogShoakBlind Wunja100
 Drop of AzeriteAzerite PuddleMagni BronzebeardMagni Bronzebeard200Champions of Azeroth Revered
 Drustvar PigletDrustvar PigletAlliance onlyNigel Rifthold75 To Market, To Market->…-> Cured Ham
 Freshwater PincherFreshwater PincherJenohMadeline Netley250
 Greatwing Macaw FeatherGreatwing MacawAlliance onlyDana Pull50 Recruiting Efforts->…-> Rodrigo’s Revenge
 Lil’ Ben’fonLil’ Ben’fonHappy HolauaHorde only300 Monstrous Matchmaker->…-> The Head of Her Enemy
 Lil’ Siege TowerLil’ Siege TowerAlliance onlyVindicator Jaelaana2007th Legion Revered
 Lil’ TikaLil’ TikaHappy HolauaHorde only200 Lil’ Tika
 Lil’ War MachineLil’ War MachineRansa GreyfeatherHorde only200The Honorbound Revered
 Pair of Bee WingsSeabreeze BumblebeeAlliance onlySister Lilyana250Storm’s Wake Revered
 Pristine Falcon FeatherCorlain FalconAlliance onlyQuartermaster Alcorn200Order of Embers Revered
 Ranishu RuntRanishu RuntJenohHorde only250 A Lost Flute->…-> Keep It Down!
-> Power Problems-> Charging the Batteries-> Ranishu Are Resources
 Raptor Containment CrateZandalari ShinchomperHappy HolauaHappy Holaua50
 Sandstinger WaspSandstinger WaspJenohMadeline Netley50
 Saurolisk HatchlingSaurolisk HatchlingHappy HolauaMadeline Netley200
 Shard of AzeriteAzeritiMagni BronzebeardMagni Bronzebeard100Champions of Azeroth Revered
 Smoochums’ Bloody HeartSmoochumsNigel RiftholdNigel Rifthold200 Teddies and Tea->…-> Tea Party /  Tea Party
 Strange Looking Mechanical SquirrelMechanical Prairie DogAlliance onlyDana Pull75 Trouble at Greystone Keep-> Inspection Gadget(?)
 Tiny DirehornTiny DirehornHappy HolauaHappy Holaua100
 Toad in a BoxSwamp ToadShoakHorde only200 Vengeance of the Frogs& Krag’wa’s Chosen
 Tragg the CuriousTragg the CuriousProvisioner LijaHorde only75Talanji’s Expedition Revered
 Violent Looking Flower PotCarnivorous LasherJenohMadeline Netley150 Ranah’s Wrench->…-> The Source of the Problem for Horde, no requirements for Alliance?
 Wad of Spider WebBilefang SkittererNigel RiftholdNigel Rifthold100

All you have to do now is collect some charms, and check out the market for pets on your prospective servers! 

I hope that this guide has served you well, and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the Patron Section of the Discord!

Catch-em-all responsibility. Erosium is not liable for any Rabies you collect on your journey!

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