WoW Gold Making in RAIDS

WoW Gold Making in RAIDS

Hey Gaming Heroes! In this guide you will find some awesome strategies that you can use for WoW Gold Making in Raids! The Dragonflight raids contain a ton of valuable items you can farm to make thousands of gold in WoW.

Alt Gold Making Overview

The main alt goldmaking strategy you can use for WoW Gold Making in Raids is running LFR. Indeed, LFR has almost no requirements except the ilvl requirement. You can easily get some gear by buying 424 boes from the auction house, or by using the gear catch up systems in the newest zone.

What can you get from LFR? Well, some of the most valuable items are the Dreaming Essence, a reagent that can drop from the Amirdrassil bosses, or the Shadowflame essence which is used to craft multiple Best In Slot embellishments! Both of these can be acquired by killing bosses in LFR difficulty, which you can do once per week per character, so having multiple alts can make this a very powerful gold making strategy in raids!

WoW Gold Making in Raids: LFR Patterns

Another way to make gold with LFR is killing all the bosses once per week per character to get the various patterns and recipes that drop from the raid. Some of the patterns can go for over 100K on the auction house which means this is a great gold making opportunity! Bear in mind that you will need to roll for the patterns, but if your character has the profession for a certain pattern or recipe you’ll be able to roll “need” and therefore have a higher chance of getting the item!

Now if you are a veteran goldmaker, you will know that with every expensive item comes two opportunities: farming it, or flipping it on the auction house. Flipping is the art of buying low and selling high! You’ll want to check out our TSM flipping strings to know more about this. We’ve included all the recipes from Dragonflight and many more!

You should capitalize on this strategy NOW as the prices are extremely high! The good thing with this strat is that there will probably be more recipes in future raids so you can apply it in them for more gold.

WoW Gold Making in Raids: Boe Farming

Bind on Equip items from raids are highly sought after, because they usually have high ilvl which is useful for players trying to gear up alts quickly. Boes are a random drop from the trash mobs in the raid, which means you can farm the adds at the entrance, reset the raid and keep going until you get an item. This is much easier done in a group, but do not worry! You will easily find Boe Farm groups in the Group finder tool, and if there are none up you can simply form one yourself.

Boes can sell for hundreds of thousands of gold which means it is a great opportunity to make gold. You can get them from LFR, Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulty, but the higher the difficulty the higher the price! You can also do flipping with these items on the auction house using our TSM flipping strings. This is a great way to make gold that can lead to some huge profit.

Now that you’ve seen how much gold there is to be made from raids in WoW, get on your alts and start doing these strats to do WoW Gold Making with Raids!

Thank you for reading this guide, if you have any questions feel free to post them in the Gaming Hero Discord!

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