Goldmaking: What to do and When?

Hey Gaming Hero! In this guide you’ll find helpful info on which guides to use depending on your goldmaking interests and current progression.

Before starting, watch this video to get an idea of what goldmaking is in WoW:

I have 0-100K gold

If you are just getting started in your goldmaking journey, here is what you will want to do:

  • Start off with gathering and material farms. You do not need any gold to start doing these farms and they will reward you with almost instantly selling items. Do this until you have atleast 100K in your bags, or whichever number you feel good with.
  • Some of the top farms for this category (they have worked for a long time now) are the Dark Iron Ore Farm, the Fel Cloth Farm and the Warbear Leather Farm. Those all require little to no setup and will give you consistent and easy gold.

I have over 100K gold

This can sometimes be a hard part of your goldmaking journey, because it consists of setting yourself up for the future mostly, but it will be worth it in time do not worry!

  • Your main goal now is to build a stock of items. Those will provide you with high gold in the long term.
  • Building a stock means acquiring a bunch of different items to sell them on the auction house, such as transmog, mounts and pets!

This part can be overwhelming due to the infinite possibilities. Just focus on farming items to put them on the auction house and then forget about them. Try to get about 1 million gold worth of items on the auction house!

You’ll want to check out the RTN guides, TSM guides, Pet guides and Transmog guides for this part! Here is a selection of videos and guides you should watch:

I have more than 100K and a good stock of items

Now you can start making some real gold! At this point you are pretty much free to do whatever you like with goldmaking, but i would strongly recommend doing flipping! Flipping is buying items that are posted for a too low price to resell them at a better price. You can find all of Erosium’s flipping strings in the flipping category.

Here is a video series where Erosium explains everything there is to know about flipping!

Conclusion- What now?

Congratulations! You have now mastered the core ways of making gold and acquired long term ways of making gold.

But your journey is still far from over… There are thousands of ways to make gold in WoW, so go explore! Feel free to check out the other categories of the website including pet guides, alt army guides and more to come!

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