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Firstly, welcome to the World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft is an fantastic game we all love to play. Many of us like to play with  the auction house, buying materials, crafting it into wonderful items to sell back to the auction house for some profit! But how can we make this simpler? TSM my friends! If you enjoy reading this guide consider supporting Erosium on Patreon to access more guides!

Guide Credit: BloodQueen & Erosium


In comes Trade Skill Master, an amazing addon designed to make it easy to do your crafting and gold making across all of your characters. Once you’ve visited the TSM Website and installed both TSM, then the App helper and synced them up it’s time to log in and start Crafting! Download TSM here: tradeskillmaster.com/install

Please see the video version of this guide by Erosium if you want to watch instead of read.

Crafting with TSM

Open your Profession click on Tsm Groups and the little symbol I marked, this will create a group named after your profession (second picture) Now you open the main tsm window (minimap button or /tsm) -> groups go to the material group and check if there isn’t anything that you would like to craft (for example Alchemy gets the SL mana and healthpotion in there) and move them to the item group (mark them, multiple possible and, just pull them to item group) Also delete crafting operation from all groups Make subgroups to the item group so we can sort the items by the number you want to craft (third picture for example)


As you can see, TSM groups have been made including all items that you have learnt to craft with this specific profession.

This does not include recipes and crafts you have not yet learnt. You will need to update groups as you learn additional crafts.

You have Items which is all potential craftable items and you have materials which are all materials you would ever need to craft items from your groups. The materials group is especially useful for checking on cheap materials for your crafting each day.

Crafting Operations:

Crafting – you want to make a crafting operation for each subgroup that has a different restock quantity. In this Picture as you can see it has an example of such a crafting operation change name we like to have the restock quantity and profit in it
first line, when do you want to restock (how many should be missing)
second line how many you want to restock (Items you want to have at all times (in bags or ah))
3. bracket how much profit do you want to actually craft the item can be a gold amount or a percentage from a source. now scroll down to Group management and add it to the groups

Auctioning Operations:

Auctioning: Sets the limits to posting stuff on the AH.

1. Duration my recommendations: Consumables or stuff you cancelscan 12h Old world consumables 24h Transmog 48h if you like to post and forget.
2. Quantity you want posted I have most at the maximum but for stuff you have in stock maybe set a limit so you don’t post all of it at once.
3. If you don’t have a dedicated AH char and then it can be useful to use this on an alchemy group since you probably need flasks and stuff for m+ or raid etc.
4. stops posting after so many tries to sell it

Auctioning P2:

1. If you wanna work with bid amount set it to an % amount you are comfortable with.
2. DO NOT CHANGE THIS it just makes you undercut (gold wise) your competition which isn’t needed since you can just undercut with the same price you will sell your stuff first.
3. your minimum price The last price you are willing to go for. If crafted use % crafting or crafting + x gold If flipped have smartavgbuy in there If transmog maybe use dbmarket/dbregionmarketavg/dbregionsaleavg Check what you want to do if below your last price.
4. Set your maximum price everything above is too much in your opinion check what you want to do if above your maximum price.
5. Normal price is the price used when nothing else is in the AH

Mailing Operation:

Mailing operation: Make a mailing operation and set it as your AH character now add it to every group you want send to your ah character. Also you may want to make one where you keep an amount of item for flasks etc.

Restocking Operation:

Now you should be able to go into your crafting window (Click on your profession then click on TSM Crafting)  then click TSM Groups and click on restock selected groups.

This will now use your Crafting operation that you’ve assigned to those groups, to restock any items from your group which you’ve either sold or “not got in stock” (not yet crafted). This will become a tool you use almost everyday as a Auction House Crafter. It will save you time and effort as a whole.

How to Craft & Gather:

Now you’ve clicked restock selected groups and you can see the various items TSM has told you to restock it’s time to use another handy tool to make this EVEN easier!

Please click on Gathering if you have done more than one profession you will need to change the crafter drop down box on the left and check if all professions are ticked.

Important: Check the sources list on the left are to your liking as some prefer to get materials from the auctionhouse then have to log onto an alt to mail across materials.

When you are happy with source then click on open task list at the bottom of the screen.


Tasklist will display all materials you need to gather and prioritise your method of gathering them depending on your sources list in the previous picture.

You can make cooldowns invisible by clicking on the eye same with expiration and under all that Gathering will be shown it will show you if you have to go to a vendor to buy some things (not which vendor just a vendor) or if you have to go to the ah and stuff like that.

When you go to the Auction House (make sure you use the TSM UI) you can click “scan all” button in the TSM Task list to scan all materials you need for your crafting.


Now you’ve collected all of the materials you need to craft. Click on your profession and on the right side of the screen you will see all of your crafting que prepared. Click craft.


Now you have done all of your crafts its time to go to the auction house and get your items posted!

Hopefully this will help you get a jumpstart on your TSM Goldmaking Journey. We are excited to hear about your adventures on the way to gold cap!

Special thank you: BloodQueen: for supplying fantastic Info & Pictures for this guide and Erosium: for putting the guide together on this website.

Feel free to join the Gaming Hero Discord if you have any questions or just want to chat!

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