Battle for Azeroth Tides of War Alliance

What’s up Gaming Heroes! This guide is going to be an In-Depth breakdown of the BFA ( Battle for Azeroth ) intro and how to complete it!

What do we need!

In this guide we are going to have an In-Depth look on how to complete the BfA ( Battle for Azeroth ) introduction which is also tied to an Achievement “Come Sail Away”.

For this we need at least a level 10 Alliance character.

Fun fact: The Kul Tirans find that piracy is one of the worst crimes. Pirates will be served justice by the executioner!

How do I begin my journey?

We got you covered gaming hero!

To start our epic journey we need to pick up the quest “Tides of War”. This quest will be given by the Hero’s Herald in Stormwind so we can start our journey to Kul Tiras. The Herald can be found next to the Hero’s Call board which are located in the Trade District and the Dwarven District. These can be found at both Locations marked with red circles in the picture below.

BfA Intro Guide

The Sailors Memory

Jolly as we are with the quest in our pocket we head over to the Petitioner’s Chamber located in Storwind Keep.

To turn the quest in we need to listen to a short dialogue and then watch the Visions of Sailor’s Memory which we can access through clicking the portal above the sailor.
After a short cutscene the turn in becomes available with Anduin Wrynn. Anduin Wrynn grants us another Quest called “The Nation of Kul Tiras”.

Let’s set sail!

As we never let a lady wait we head straight over to Jaina Proudmoore by the harbour where she will ask us if we are prepared for the journey to Kul Tiras.

We can now click “I’m ready to set sail!”
(Optional: If the introduction has been done before we can choose “I’ve heard this tale before… <Skip the
Kul Tiras introductory quests and begin your journey in Boralus.>

Arrival in Boralus

After our journey on high sea Lady Jaina Proudmoore awaits us to turn in the quest “The nation of Kul Tiras”.

As a followup quest we can now accept “Daughter of the sea” where we get to watch another exciting cutscene.

Smells like prison!

Being captured in wet and rather smelly a prison on Tol Dagor we can now turn in the Quest “Daughter of the sea” with the bored Flynn Fairwind and in exchange we now receive the quest “Out like Flynn”.

To escape the prison Flynn Fairwind wants us to hit him. What do we do when a friend asks us to hit him? Yes, we hit him! Not once as we don’t get enough joy out of it. We hit him TWICE!

The great escape

After hitting Flynn Fairwind twice a guard turns up and gets knocked out by Flynn we take a right turn to hit the lever on the wall behind Flynn where we get to watch another short cutscene.

We turn around to pick up our gear out of the chest and we make our way to the other end of the hallway…

Hit and run!

…Kill Block Warden Carmine and we grab the Glittering Gunpowder and use this on the gate. Yes! We can nearly smell freedom.

The smell of freed… erm sewers!

Proceed through the gate into the sewers where we fight our way through some sewer vicejaws and proceed to fight our way through some rats.

BfA Intro guide

Finally, freedom!

With the smell of the sewers dragging behind us we finally make it out! Taking a left turn and running to shore as quick as we can we see a boat witing for us.

Back on track!

Finally in Boralus Taelia is already waiting for us to turn in the quest “Out like Flynn” only to hand us another quest “Get your bearings”.
As if she knows we don’t know our way around Taelia gives us a tour through Boralus.

Tour through Boralus

Taking a little walk will keep us fit! Head over to Will Melbourne the jolly sailor, then the bored bankier Wixler Brass a visit, see the guest friendly Innkeeper Wesley Rockhold and then finally to Joan Weber with the smelly Gryphons. Turn in the quest “Get your barings”

Stay a while and listen

Heading back down to the Harbormaster’s Office Cyrus Crestfall is already waiting for us to shake his hand and as an old knight would expect us to listen to his story, we do so!

After a chat with no rum to go with it we now turn in the quest “The Old Knight” and receive the quest “Sanctum of the Sages”.

Safe passage! Finally done.

What does every player need in World of Warcraft? Of course, a portal room!

We had over to the Sanctum of the Sages and talk to the 7th Legion Magus for them to open our portals to Stormwind, Ironforge and Exodar and head back to the Harbor Masters Office to turn in the quest. Pick up the quest “A Nation Divided” and turn this quest in after a short cutscene.


We have now completed the introduction quests for Kul Tiras which is also tied to an achievement “Come Sail Away” and are now all set to to explore this wonderful and exciting Island!

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