Ensemble: Blackened Defias Armor

What’s up Gaming Heroes! In the age old battle of Pirates versus Ninjas, ther has never been a decisive victory… Until now! In the long forgotten Deadmines is the spirit of a Pirate Spurned by the Defias Brotherhood. Complete his quest and be rewarded with a trophy… the armor of the first WoW Ninjas!

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Things we need before we start:

An Outlaw Rogue

A Green Wing Macaw

Oranges (To prevent your scurvy!)[Editors note: This is a joke. Erosium sought Oranges for 5 hours before he gave up. There are no oranges.]

Access to Normal Mode Deadmines

Enter the Deadmines

Enter the Deadmines, a low level dungeon located in Westfall in the Eastern Kingdoms. Make your way to the end area of the dungeon while killing as few mobs as possible. (This is much easier if you are max level.)

Find the Ghostly Parrot

Once you find the ghostly parrot, summon your Green Wing Macaw (Flexing on this poor dead birdy with your blissfully alive birdy…)

Once your Macaw is out, you will receive an Extra Action Button prompting you to grapple.

Editor’s Note: If you do not have a Green Wing Macaw, it can be farmed from the Pirates at the end of the Deadmines. Be warned though, while the droprate is high you may not have enough mobs to complete the quest Sea’in Red.

Where the grapple prompt takes you!

The grapple prompt will pull you up to a hidden alcove above the Ghostly Parrot, inside this alcove you will find Captain Bramblebeard!

Speak to the deceased Captain Bramblebeard

Captain Bramblebeard will offer you a quest… Murder ALL of the backstabbing ninjas in his mines in exchange for some booty!

He tasks you with collecting 100 Bloody Defias Bandanas, which can be dropped from practically every mob in the dungeon. (Including Parrots and Monkeys!)

This is achievable in a single run, but if you had to kill too many mobs on the way to the captain it may require a second clear.

To reset the instance, leave the Deadmines (Either through the back entrance behind the ship, or the front door.) Right click your portrait and select Reset all Instances. Now when ou re-enter

Return your bounties

Return the 100 bandanas to Captain Bramblebeard. He will reward you with the ensemble Blackened Defias Armor, allowing you to disguise yourself as one of the Infamous Defias Blackguard!

Yar Har Fiddle Dee Dee, disguised as a ninja we Pirates shall be!

Take your armor, and sneak into all of the Ninja Hideouts, and sip your rum to acknowledge your superiority, yee old swashbuckler!

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