Top 5 Best Dungeons and Raids for Raw Gold

Hey Gaming Heroes! In this guide we’ll go over the Best Dungeons and Raids for Raw Gold. Raw Gold farms are often searched for, because raw gold is gold you get from vendoring items and killing mobs, which means you can do it solo and you do not need to post anything on the auction house. This often means that you will not get as much gold, but atleast it is guaranteed.

Farming Hacks and Tricks

Here are some insane tips you can use to make more gold while running the Best Dungeons and Raids for Raw Gold:

  • Use a druid, mage or death knight: These classes have abilities such as dreamwalk that teleport you to the entrance of any raid or dungeon if you use the ability twice.
  • Use specific talent builds: pick all talents that give you more movement abilities or speed. You do not need high dps for most of these raids, but the speed will allow you to make more gold!
  • Have a rogue or mechagnome alt: having a rogue or mechagnome allows you to open lockboxes, which contain raw gold and rare items. You will get a lot of lockboxes from these farms.

Terrace of Endless Spring

Best Dungeons and Raids for Raw Gold
Terrace of Endless Spring Farm

The Terrace of Endless Spring is a raid that can be found in Pandaria, between the Jade Forest and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

This is one of the Best Dungeons and Raids for Raw Gold, because the bosses can drop items worth 50 gold and the raid is very quick to run. All you need to do is run through the raid and kill all the bosses. Do this once on heroic and normal every week on as many characters as you can to make some easy gold!

Heart of Fear

Heart of Fear Farm

This raid can be found in Dread Wastes in Pandaria.

For this raid you’ll want to set it to Heroic and then kill the first few packs of adds up to the first boss.

This way you can run out of the raid (or cast Dreamwalk twice if you are a druid), reset the instance and kill the mobs again to get some nice raw gold! This adds up to about 10K/hour which is one of the best values you can get with raw gold farming. Out of the Best Dungeons and Raids for Raw Gold this must be one of the top ones.


Firelands Farm

You can find the Firelands raid in the Mount Hyjal zone.

This Farm is a good raw gold farm but also relies on some other components if you want to get the most gold possible. Here is everything you need to do:

  • Get a Potion of Treasure Finding from the Auction House. This will make mobs drop chests that contain raw gold and materials.
  • Get Enchanting: disenchanting the gear you get from this will reward you with some enchanting mats that can be sold on the auction house.

Now set the raid to Heroic, and kill as many trash mobs as possible. To get this done quicker, only pull the mobs in the middle area:

Once you’ve killed all the mobs (be careful not to kill any bosses) go outside the raid and reset it. This is a great farm because not only will you get raw gold, you will also get tons of materials, especially if you used the Potion of Treasure Finding and if you have DIsenchanting on your character.


Freehold Gold

For the Freehold dungeon in Tiragarde Sound, you’ll want to set the difficulty to Mythic and then pull all the adds up to the first boss (follow this route), then go out and reset the dungeon. This is a super easy farm you can do for some extra gold! Note that having skinning here will increase your gold per hour but it is not mandatory.



The entrance to the dungeon is to the South of Dazar’Alor for Horde, and near the Zuldazar foothold for alliance. Set the difficulty to Mythic and kill all mobs in this red area:

Do not kill the first boss, just pull all the adds, including as many neutral mobs as you can and you will get tons of raw gold (about 10k/hr). You might want to come on your most geared character for this as the adds can hit pretty hard in mythic difficulty. Once you’ve killed all the trash mobs run out of the instance, reset it and repeat the process.

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