Unlock Zul’Gurub Ancient Patterns

Welcome to our detailed guide on unlocking Zul’Gurub Ancient Patterns. We will cover all the nitty gritty details to help you unlock the Zul’Gurub Ancient Patterns with ease, saving you time and giving your nuggets of gold to help along the way.

Unlock Zul’Gurub Ancient Patterns

To unlock and access the crafting system in Zul’Gurub, follow these step-by-step instructions. This guide will help you obtain powerful armor ensembles and patterns. Before you begin, make sure you do this on a level Level 70 character.

Step 1: Journey to Stranglethorn Vale
Make your way to Stranglethorn Vale, where the entrance to Zul’Gurub is located.

Step 2: Enter Zul’Gurub
Upon reaching Stranglethorn Vale, enter the pyramid structure that leads to Zul’Gurub.

Step 3: The Room of Ghosts
Explore the room beneath the pyramid, where you’ll encounter numerous ghosts.

Step 4: Shattered Hakkari Bijou
Locate and pick up the Shattered Hakkari Bijou near the gong in the room.

Step 5: Defeat Bosses
Slay any two bosses within Zul’Gurub to progress further.

Step 6: The Spirit Realm Phase
Engage in combat with the boss on the central platform: Jn’do the Godbreaker. He will transport you to the Spirit Realm. During the Spirit Realm phase, return to the exact location where you found the Shattered Hakkari Bijou (room under the pyramid, enterance to the left).

Step 7: Fragmented Hakkari Bijou
Within the Spirit Realm, discover and retrieve the Fragmented Hakkari Bijou at the same spot.

Step 8: Restored Hakkari Bijou
Combine the Shattered Hakkari Bijou and the Fragmented Hakkari Bijou items in your bag by right clicking one of them to create the Restored Hakkari Bijou.

Step 9: Initiating the Quest
Start the quest associated with the Restored Hakkari Bijou, then travel to The Yojamba Exchange in Dazar’alor to turn in the quest to Rin’wosho the Trader.

Step 10: Relics of a Fallen Empire Achievement
Upon completing the quest, you will receive the Relics of a Fallen Empire achievement, which unlocks the Zul’Gurub crafting system for your entire account.

Step 11: Returning to Zul’Gurub
Head back to Zul’Gurub, where you can engage in boss encounters once again.

Step 12: Obtaining Armor Ensembles and Patterns
Defeat the bosses in Zul’Gurub, as they will now drop various items that can be exchanged for armor ensembles and patterns.
Speak to Rin’wosho the Trader at the entrance of Zul’Gurub to make these exchanges.

By following this comprehensive guide, you will successfully unlock and utilize the crafting system in Zul’Gurub, acquiring valuable armor ensembles and patterns for your character. Best of luck in your adventures!

How to Slay: Jn’do the Godbreaker:

The basics outline of how to defeat this boss:

  1. Slay his Gurubashi Body Guards (Hulking trolls near stairs).
  2. Engage boss: Use any damage ability.
  3. When in Spirit realm, body pull his spirit body guards.
  4. Do Not SLAY his body guards.
  5. Run to chains and wait for the body guards to body slam.
  6. Body slam will break the chains.
  7. Do all three chains, then destroy the chains.
  8. Slay Jn’do the Godbreaker and receive your loot.

Farming Coins with Alts

One you have unlocked the ability to farm these coins you will now be able to do Zul’Gurub on all your alts (Even if below level 70) and collect both coins and recipes. Bare in mind the green coins drop from normal troll elites throughout the dungeon and EPIC coins drop from boss mobs only.

I highly advise you teach every alt two professions: Fishing and Archaeology. One boss in Zul’Gurub can only be access via using Archaeology – interact with four objects with speech buttons to spawn the boss.


Per alt per day you can fish out a specific chest from the spot below. Check you have the buff on!

If you do, any level fishing will give you a high chance of getting one of two chests per day which will contain transmogs, trade goods and troll coins / bijou. Remember either rogues or mecha-gnomes can open these chests! Rogues in Valdrakken are very amicable to unlocking theme in my experience!

How to Import TSM Strings

Double click the code below, Copy and Paste it into the import section of the TSM Addon.

Import Troll Coin TSM Strings

My TSM strings for Troll Coins have all Troll coins and Bijou Coins which you can mail to your alt characters. You can also purchase the individual coins from the auction house using the TSM shopping operation attached to the group.

TSM String


If you have feedback on these strings please let us know on discord and we will do my best to respond effectively.

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