Dire Maul Dungeon Farm

Hey Gaming Heroes! In this guide we’ll go over all the different strategies you can use to make gold from Diremaul!

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Items of Note

Item Price (EU)
Pattern: Girdle of Insight
Pattern: Mongoose Boots
Pattern: Swift Flight Bracers
Pattern: Chromatic Cloak
Pattern: Hide of the Wild
Pattern: Shifting Cloak

Tips and Tricks

  • Use a druid, death knight or monk so that you can use abilities such as Dreamwalk to get back to the dungeon entrance quickly (use the ability twice and you’ll get teleported to the dungeon entrance).
  • Use a speedset to run the dungeon faster!

Dire Maul East

Head over to this location, where you’ll find the entrance to the dungeon.

  • Use the pictures below for guidance.
  • You’ll want to kill as many mobs as possible, including the non-elite plant mobs, because they can drop valuable herbs.
  • Make sure to pick up A Dusty Tome if you see it on the ground, it will give you A Thoroughly Read Copy of “Nat Pagle’s Guide to Extreme Anglin” which you can sell on the Auction House.
  • All the red crosses on the route are potential locations where the book can spawn.
  • There are treasure chests that can spawn at various locations, so look out for those! They are marked as yellow circles on the images.

Go all around the edges, killing all the mobs you see. Check for the book spawn (red cross). Then go back, and kill all the mobs in Lethtendris‘s room. Check for the book spawn near Lethtendris (she is upstairs).
Make sure to check both chest spawns in Lethtendris‘s room!

Now go kill Hydrospawn (the water boss).
Use the ramp to get to Zevrim Thornhoof and kill him (the door to the last boss won’t unlock unless you kill him).
Make sure to check for the two chests.

Go into the next room and kill all the plant mobs, they can drop tons of herbs to sell on the auction house. Check for the book spawn (red cross).

Now talk to the big tree NPC and he’ll unlock the door that leads to the final boss. Check for the book spawn near the boss, and you’re done!

Dire Maul North

Entrance location:

  • This time, the dungeon is more linear. Just make sure to go all around the edges of the first couple of rooms to grab all the mobs.
  • All the mobs have a chance of dropping a Gordot Shackle Key.
    This item can be turned in at Knot Thimblejack in the dungeon (see picture below).
  • NOTE 1: You will NOT get keys if you already have one in your bags, so make sure to turn keys in as soon as you get them.
  • NOTE 2: The final boss will always drop a key.
  • NOTE 3: If you get a key from a boss and you can’t loot it, it will get mailed to you. Keys dropped by normal mobs will NOT get mailed to you, so you should prioritize looting those first.

Go to this NPC to turn-in your keys:

You can get some great loot from Knot Thimblejack’s Cache:

Thank you for reading this guide! If you have any questions about this farm, feel free to ask them in the Gaming Hero Discord!

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