Why Join a Guild?

What’s up Gaming Heroes! Hail mighty Heroes! Today, we are discussing the benefits of joining Guilds in World of Warcraft! 

What: Guilds

Where: All servers and regions!

Why: To create a sense of belonging or to find a group of like-minded individuals to play the game with.

How: In-game interfaces and chats, external resources, and the official Blizzard Forums!

What: Guilds Guilds are groups of like-minded Heroes such as yourself that seek to work together to achieve goals!

Guilds are Faction and Server Restricted. There are guilds focused on Raiding, Mythic +, Player versus Player content, Role-Playing and even occasionally a combination of all of these!

Where:So Where do we find Guilds?

Guilds Can be found in a multitude of ways. The simplest may be the In-Game guild Finder, located pressing J on your Keyboard by default (English key-bindings), The official Blizzard Forums  and Trade Chat on your server in your Major Cities!

(Note from Erosium: Check out https://guildsofwow.com/ You’ll be able to find a ton of active and caring guilds that are actively recruiting!

Why: But why would I even want to join? Isn’t it hard?

The reasons for joining guilds are plentiful! Having a guild can open the door for Organized PvP, Raiding, Dungeons, End-Game and Early-Game content! Having upwards of dozens of people online at any given time will give you a chance to meet new people, and possibly even form IRL Relationships!

There are also SO MANY in-game rewards for joining a guild! Achievements, Toys, Heirlooms. See the next section for a better list!

Guilds can be hard to find, but Blizzard has made it SO MUCH easier to connect and communicate with each other. There are so many resources available to find a guild!

In-Game Rewards: SO MANY COOL PERKS!!!

Guilds have a built in perk system tied to Reputation that you can increase by championing causes of your guild. Questing, raids and dungeons in a guild group, PvP, all of these can raise your Reputation.

You can earn Mounts, Pets, exclusive heirloom items for leveling up alts. You can even get a Cloak that teleports you to your factions Major City! (Stormwind for the Alliance, and Orgrimmar for the Horde.)

Eventually, you’ll even be able to summon your guild bank allowing access to your guilds resources without even having to travel to a city!

For a slightly out-dated guide, you can check out this WoWhead (click for link) article, but don’t worry! We’ll have an in-depth guide detailing rewards soon!

How: Alright, I’m sold. How do I join?

Lets start by searching the Guild Finder press J and search for a guild that matches your interest! Apply to guilds that you think have a cool name, or have a description that piques your interest!

Heroes, it is time to begin your Journey’s!

I hope this helped answer some questions about Guilds, and maybe even convinced you to step into the vast network that exists in WoW. You will not regret your decision, and if where you end up doesn’t match what you want, keep searching!

This is all a part of YOUR Adventure!

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