Blasted Lands Goldfarm

Hey Gaming Heroes! In this guide you’ll learn about a very fun goldfarm which can get you tons …

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3 responses to “Blasted Lands Goldfarm”

  1. Lili xi Avatar
    Lili xi

    I did this for 25 mins, I didnt see one rare and one treasure box. I am in a rogue 50 and in the right time zone.

    1. Erosium Avatar

      Hey Lili, I always suggest turning warmode on when you do this, this is because it stops you from being on a RP shard. Unfortunately Roleplay shards can prevent rare elites and treasure chests from spawning. I would encourage you to turn Warmode on then go again, you’ll notice a difference. I had this problem in the past and it is really annoying to deal with but hopefully this helps! 🙂

  2. Revanthyr Avatar

    Erosium makes a good point here, another thing to mention is that depending on your server some other people might be doing this. This happened to me in the past aswell but i usually just come back the next day and i see way more rares and chests!

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